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Making Vending Machine Purchase

School Vending

Our Vending Service provides vending solutions for local schools, catering to the needs of teachers, students, faculty, and staff alike. The size or location of your school is not a factor.

The ongoing discussion about the presence of vending machines in schools has been extensive. Vending machines offer a convenient and relatively affordable option for students to access snacks or beverages to sustain them between meals. With vending machines present in 43% of elementary schools, 74% of middle schools, and 98% of high schools across the U.S., it's evident that vending in schools is a prevalent practice.

Numerous schools derive financial benefits from having vending machines on their premises. According to District Administration, schools generate revenue from vending machines through commission sales and digital advertising. For instance, vending machines equipped with media displays can sell advertising space to local businesses, with schools receiving a portion of the ad revenue. Other schools opt to prohibit advertising and instead rely on machine commissions or negotiate with vending companies for donations to support expenses related to school supplies, computer labs, and arts programs.

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